martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008

(Nuevo Single) DJ Ironik - I Wanna Be Your Man

‘I Wanna Be Your Man‘ el segundo single por el PINCHADISCOS IRONIK, tomado de su álbum de estreno Ninguna razón en el Gasto de Rasgones(Lágrimas), que son puestos para la liberación el 29 de septiembre de 2008.

La canción fue liberada en septiembre de 2008 y alcanzada *35 en la carta de Individuales(single) británica.

Escuche ‘I Wanna Be Your Man‘ aqui:

DJ Ironik - I Wanna Be Your Man

Yeah 1,2,
I’m In The Booth Right Now,
Its Ironik Yeah,
Ironik Productions,
Ironik On The Vocals,
And Its Right Now Volume 1,
I Swear Man,
Big Up The Ladies Innit,
Check It,
I Want You Lot To Listen To The Lyrics Yeah,
U Know The Deal Right Now,
Its Ironik,
Let Me Just Speak To Them,

[Verse 1:]
Look, Look,
My First Love Was Hot Like Jamaica,
Didn’t Care Wot Ma Boys Sa,
I Wanted To Take Her,
And Wen She Was Nothing,
I Wanted To Make Her My W.I.F.E.Y,
Yes Me,
We Went Together Like Peaches And Cream,
And Teachers And Teens,
And Shoes And Jeans,
And I Said That,
Cos We Was So Sophisticated,
On The First Date,
I Was Late,
But You Still Waited,
I Wasn’t Late On Purpose,
I Swear 2 You,
You Know Ive Made Mistakes In The Past,
But I’m There For You,
I Didn’t No Time Went So Fast,
Its Mad B,
We Broke Up,
But I Wanna Be Your Man B,

I Wanna Be Your Man,
I Wanna Be Your Man,
I Wanna Be Your Man,
I Wanna Be Your Man.

[Verse 2:]
Look, Cos I Want You 2 Much,
Your Too Much To Touch,
Baby Ur Too Buff,
2 2’s
We Both Do 2 Mch,
And We Both Know I Held You Down Like A Clutch,
So Please Don’t Rush,
Into A Next Relationship,
Remember The Days We Spent Together,
From 11am Til 6,
And U See You Yeah,
I Like You 2 Bits,
I Ain’t Ready For The Quits,
So Please Don’t Quit It,
It Will Be Fixed,
Our Relationship I Wrote It,
Down In A Tune,
Now U Hear It,
You’ve Heard It,
You Can Have Your Verdict,
But Ya Love Ive Earned It,
So U Should Take Your Time,
And Still Fink About It Man,

I Wanna Be Your Man,
I Wanna Be Your Man,
I Wanna Be Your Man,
I Wanna Be Your Man,

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